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Bridging Loan Calculator

Bridging Finance offers different interest rates and rate calculations, as well as different levels of fees. Please get in touch to discuss your exact requirments and to receive a Decision In Principle.

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1.  Loan Required £
2.  Term of Loan   months
3.  Property Value £
4.  Monthly interest rate   %
5.  Lender facility fee        %
6.  Exit fee       £
7.  Broker fee £
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  The figures produced by this calculator are intended to provide a guide to the costs associated with taking out a short term finance facility. This calculation is not a quotation.

Capital & Equity PLC will provide a detailed illustration of all costs, fees, charges, and interest rates payable for each clients consideration on a case by case basis.

With Capital & Equity PLC there are NO up-front fees.
1. Loan Required We provide facilities between £50k to £50m 2. Term of Loan Generally from 1 month to 12 months. Terms up to 36 months are available on some products. If you do not have a definitive time frame open ended terms are available. 3. Property Value The value of the property to be used as security. 4. Monthly Interest Rate Rates vary and our calculator is set to default at 0.65% pcm 5. Lender Facility Fee Typically ranges between 0% to 2% 6. Exit Fee In most instances there is no exit fee, and our calculator is set by default to zero. 7. Broker Fee In many instances there is no broker fee, and our calculator is set by default to zero.

Your Bridging Loan Calculation
Lending type Standard Bridging Finance
Security type First Charge
Loan to Value (LTV) %
Net Loan Requirment £ 
Lender Facility Fee Value   @  % £ 
Gross Loan Amount £ 
Interest paid Monthly 
Loan Term (months)
Monthly Interest   @  % pcm £ 
Total Interest (if loan runs the full term) £ 
(Interest Roll Up or Retained Interest options are available) *
Upfront Fees  
Valuation Fee £ 
Other Fees  
Broker Fee (paid by the borrower to the broker) £ 
Exit Fee £ 
Bank Transfer £ 
Administration Fee / Assessment fee £ 
Lenders legal Fee £ 

* Make no monthly payments for the term of the loan ...?

If you don't wish to make monthly payments, have insufficient income, or income you cannot evidence, you may be able to have the interest rolled up into the loan or retained and paid at the end of the term on redemption. Call us today for details.

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Loans from £50k to £50million
Low Rates from 0.58% pcm
No upfront fees
Prompt decisions
100% LTV available with extra security
Adverse Credit Accepted

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Following receipt of the valuation and legals your funds can be made available within 72 hrs



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No up-front fees
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